About Zenyon

Zenyon is a minority-owned small business in the D.C. metropolitan area that provides dynamic information technology (IT) services,
including software development and network support.

Zenyon, Inc. is a dynamic information technology (IT) services company built around solid business practices and ethical values. A small minority-owned Information Technology services company, Zenyon was established in 1997 as a privately held software consulting company to develop innovative software and systems by enabling convergent technologies. We specialize in the full life-cycle implementation of client server and Web-enabled application for both government and commercial sectors.

We have a solid and experienced team of Information Technology and support professionalswho possess requisite security clearances, impressive credentials and work experience. Our staff and revenues have increased yearly as our engagements have evolved in size and scope.

Zenyon takes pride in its agility and integrity, our quality work products and contributions to client success, and our glowing past performance. With our stellar performance reviews from current clients we are able to leverage to win new business. We are open to exploring subcontractor and teaming agreements to ensure that we have the full breadth of capabilities and staffing levels to suit specific task order requirements in these functional areas.

Zenyon specializes in
data center management,
full lifecycle design & implementation
of custom application development.

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What`s in the name?

Zenyon. The name alone is international. The Japanese call it "Zen". The Chinese call it "Ch'an". In Sanskrit it is known as Dhyana. Whatever the language, the connotation is the same: meditation, concentration, and enlightenment all rolled into one.

Our goal is to ensure client satisfaction and repeat engagements, and to build our breadth of past performance so that we can continue to leverage to win new business. We have been successfully involved in teaming arrangements with other government contractors from the Washington, D.C. area and are well-versed on how to structure subcontract and teaming arrangements that minimize risks and ensure successful outcomes.

The key to achieving our service-delivery goals is to retain quality, qualified team members who are committed to quality execution throughout the contract duration, to preserve institutional knowledge and project integrity, and to provide new ideas and innovation. Zenyon assigns the right dedicated staff and resources for every project.